Our Recruiting Process

Our team comes from some of the world's largest executive search firms as well as boutique firms specialized in marketing, media and sales. With this experience, we bring a sophisticated search process with the necessary industry expertise.


Our process is tailored to fit our clients' individual needs. There is no search alike. Each search is highly customized to fit your team's goals. Based on your industry and skill-set specifications,  we will assign you the recruiter best suited to lead your search. That person will work alongside a team of national recruiters in order to find you the very best talent for the job. This recruiter will build a strong relationship with you and will function as an extension of your staff. It’s important to us to gain a strong understanding of your team in order to find the perfect match.


Step 1: Needs Assessment  


When we engage in a new search, we begin by getting to know our hiring team. It is essential
that we learn about the leadership team, culture and history, and understand the business objectives of your company.


Step 2: Position Profile  


Building a comprehensive and detailed position profile is a critical piece of a successful search.
Our team conducts structured discussions with decision makers and hiring managers to evaluate their needs and develop a complete overview of the position.


Step 3: Research  


Name Your Fee commits a lead search strategist, candidate development manager and a dedicated research team to every search assignment. A careful analysis of the company, industry, competitors, and marketplace guides the search strategy.


Step 4: Candidate Evaluation  


Using behavioral and performance-based assessments, your lead search strategist qualifies candidates based on job skills and necessary experience. Additionally, Name Your Fee has structured retention-variable and social intelligence assessment resources to ensure that top contenders have both the sticking power and people skills necessary to leverage their abilities long-term in client organizations. The evaluation process culminates with a final pool consisting of the top 10% of qualified candidates.


Step 5: Presentation  


Select candidates from the final candidate pool will be presented to your hiring team. The presentation will include a resume and detailed summary for each finalist. The summary will include an explanation of career moves, reasons why the candidate fits your business/cultural needs, compensation expectations and availability to interview.


Step 6: Reference Check  


Careful attention is given to conducting detailed reference checks with previous supervisors and direct reports. A comprehensive summary is provided to the hiring team.


Step 7: Negotiation  


Name Your Fee works to ensure all negotiations go smoothly. We are here to act as a helpful intermediary throughout the often sensitive hiring process.


Step 8: Retention Call  


Post-hire integration and long-term retention are key components of all successful hires. Our Company maintains consistent contact with placed candidates and their employers to ensure a smooth transition and fluid integration process.

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