Jasper Group to Launch Revolutionary Recruiting & Media Platform

New Recruiting And Media Platform to Offer Comprehensive Four Prong Approach To Staffing, Branding, Job Hunting




New York  -  The Jasper Group Inc. is set to launch a revolutionary 4-prong staffing solution that will simultaneously serve all corners of the job market. Scheduled to launch in January, CandidateXchange, Name Your Fee, Jasper Staffing Services and Job Channel Network will work seamlessly together to provide an unprecedented platform for job seekers, hiring managers and recruiters. With the inception of Job Channel Network, Jasper will also deliver essential job market news and create the world's largest educational video library dedicated to employment related content. Through this unique media venture, companies and job seekers will have the opportunity to reach new audiences and promote their business and personal brands like never before.


"The internet makes it possible for recruiters to work together in a cost-efficient way for both the recruiter and the hiring manager, said Mike Woloshin, CEO of the Jasper Group Inc. "Candidates now can have an army of recruiters working for them and so it's a win-win for all. Each of our companies uses the power of the internet and the media to find ways to lower costs, while strengthening the recruitment possibilities for an employer.  Name Your Fee, the first of our companies to launch, opens the gate for smaller companies to have big company resources when searching out candidates but at prices they can afford. The market has needed this for a long time."


Mr. Woloshin has over 17 years of experience in the recruiting industry and is the founder of Candidates on Demand, one of the New York area's largest executive recruiters, which he sold in 2007.


Introducing the Jasper Group Family of Companies




CandidateXchange strives to be the largest recruiter commission split network in the world. Made up of a nationwide network of recruiters in all industries and skill categories, CandidateXchange provides employers with full-time and temporary placement and advanced screening, while giving recruiters simple access to an enormous database of exclusive job orders. CandidateXchange recruiters address job specifications, compensation and assist with scheduling interviews, so clients can focus on their business.


Name Your Fee


Backed by the depth and breadth of the Candidate X Change Network, Name Your Fee will revolutionize the industry by offering a Fortune 500 recruiting experience at a placement price determined by the client. All that is asked in return, is a two week exclusivity window. With top tier recruiters, high volume and quick turnaround, Name Your Fee is the new future of the recruiting world.


Jasper Staffing Services


Jasper Staffing Services is a full service employment and staffing firm that serves as a gatekeeper for all search activity assigned through Name Your Fee and other Jasper properties. Offering full time, part time and contract placement, Jasper Staffing takes pride in building long term relationships with employers and job seekers in order to fully understand their needs and goals.

Soon to be one of the premier staffing and recruiting agencies in the country, Jasper will also offer employer of records services, employee background investigation, recruitment outsourcing and consultation in all aspects of the recruiting industry.


Job Channel Network


Job Channel Network is an industry first concept in which job placement and employment branding come together with top rate television and radio content. Job Channel Network gives recruiting clients the unique ability to spread their message by appearing as a guest on a professional TV or radio program at no additional cost. Backed by the power of Jasper Media's ad insertion technology and our unique partnerships, clients are able to reach countless active and passive job seekers nationwide in a way never done before.


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