Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to use Name Your Fee?


A. Zero!  There are absolutely no startup costs or monthly fees for members. You simply pay recruiter fees based on your designated rate offer.


Q. Who handles my job order?


A. Name Your Fee works closely with its partners, Job Channel Network and CandidateXchange, to leverage its network of top tier professional recruiters with one of the largest private resume databases on the market today. As always, Name Your Fee is your only point of contact from the start to the end of the recruiting process.


Q. How much do recruiter fees cost?


A. As our name suggests, you name the fee! Fees are based on a percentage of the open position's yearly gross salary at the time it's posted. Most recruiters work at 20-25%. The more realistic your fee is, the more recruiters will work on fulfilling your position. 10% or 15% of the salary is a good recommended starting point. If you have an urgent need to fill your position, you may want to start at a higher percentage.


Q. When do I pay the fee?


A.  Payment is due within 30 days of a candidate's start date.


Q. Do you guarantee the candidate placed with our firm?


A. Yes! All applicants have a 60 day guarantee period, providing that payment is made within 30 days of the start date per the agreement.


Q. How many years of experience do your recruiters have?


A. Our management team has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our recruiters are some of the top rated in the U.S.


Q. When should I expect to receive resumes once I put in a job order?


A. As soon as you hit the send button, we will review the job and get started on it right away.


Q. Can I contact you?


A. 100% Yes!  We encourage it. Feel free to contact us directly at any time with any questions, comments or concerns. We use best business practices from start to finish.


Q. Is the Name Your Fee recruiting platform easy to use?


A. Yes. You can literally start using the system within 5 minutes of signing on!


Q. How many recruiters will have exposure to my job order?


A. Potentially thousands! But no worries. You only deal with one point of contact, and we only send you 5 top candidates at a time to make sure you’re not overwhelmed with resumes.


Q. What areas of recruiting do you handle?


A. We handle all areas -- literally! We have over a thousand recruiters on the fulfillment side with a very diverse background.


Q. Do you handle both permanent and consulting requirements?


A. Yes. Our company handles both perm and consulting job orders.


Q. Do you handle International job orders?


A. Yes. Our company can work job orders in over 20 countries and that list is growing each quarter.


Q. Is Name Your Fee a recruiting firm?


A. Yes. We are a recruiting firm that uses technology to maximize our recruiting and placement results.


Q. Can your company handle background checks on a candidate we want to hire?


A. Yes. Our company uses state of the art technology for all background checks needed in a cost effective manor.


Q. Do you offer any training on using your platform for placements?


A. Yes! Simply call us or send us an email and we’ll be happy to arrange a walk through.


Q. How do you obtain your applicants?


A. We obtain applicants in many ways. We have one of the largest private resume databases around. We also receive applicants through our partnership with Job Channel Network and the CandidateXchange.


Q. Do you do retained searches?


A. Yes. We are very strong on retained searches including C level positions. Feel free to call us directly or email for more information: (914) 224-7147 or


Q. How should I decide what Fee to Name?


A. Its really up to you. The higher the fee, the more recruiters will want to work on it. If it's a priority placement, name a higher fee so you get maximized exposure. If you have more time to fill the position, name a fee that’s more economical.


Q. Do I sacrifice any quality of service or applicants by naming a reduced fee for a position?


A. Absolutely not! Every single job order is treated with full attention and best practices regardless of the fee.


Q. Can you handle larger recruiting projects (Say, if we needed to hire 100+ people)?


A. Yes. Our back-end system and resources allow us to handle a large amount of job orders while still maintaining best practices. It's a perfect solution to help build large sales teams!


Q. Is your company incorporated and fully licensed and insured?


A. Yes. Our company is in full compliance with federal and state laws. We are incorporated in the state of Delaware.


Q. Can we pay your fee by credit card?


A. Yes. You can pay by credit card. You can even pay by check.


Q. What else can the Name Your Fee recruiting platform do?


A. With our platform, you can literally do the entire recruiting process from start to finish, including scheduling interviews. You'll save time, energy and money by not getting a million phone calls and e-mails blowing up your inbox. Everything is neatly packaged to make the entire process friendly to use.


Q.  What makes you different than a normal recruiting firm?


A. Everything! a) Our massive resume database b) The ability to use a thousand recruiters to work on your job  c) A fully functional back end recruiting system that will make your life easer and get the job done – You are basically hiring a centralized staffing firm with more fire power than most of the largest firms in the industry.


Q. Do you offer any more cost savings solutions for large job orders?


A. If you have more than ten jobs to fill, we can help you save even more on fees. Please contact us directly at (914) 224-7147.


Q. How many placements have your recruiters made in the past?


A. Our recruiters have literally made hundreds, if not thousands, of placements over the years and have worked with everyone from Fortune 10 companies to smaller tier firms.


Q. What if we want Name Your Fee to use our standard fee agreement instead of your terms and conditions?


A. That's fine. Just e-mail or fax it to us for review. Once it's approved, we’ll sign it and send it right back to you.

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