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Not all jobs are created equal. Some are mission critical, while others are not. Some are in an area of the business that requires additional focus, while others may present geographical challenges. Furthermore, some open positions may simply need to be filled! Why do you continue to pay the same fees when engaging external agencies to fill these disparate positions? "Why?" you say. Well..err…uh, because our contracts are written that way.  Can you imagine having to go to negotiate each job, then run to legal to get the revised language approved? Nightmare!
This leads us to the simple fact that the external recruiting agency model is passe. I will bet my last dollar that each of you reading this has an approved agency list with vendors you rarely, if ever, engage. I also guarantee you receive dozens of calls on a weekly, perhaps daily basis, from agency recruiters that are seemingly willing to work on your open requirements. Each call with the agency ends something like this: “Thanks for taking my call today. Remember, I am looking to partner with you and I have the line on all 'best' applicants in the specific market vertical you play in." Right, sure they do.

In today's economic climate, the cost of the "traditional" shotgun agency engagement model - blasting your job specs to your 'agency list' – is far too costly, time consuming and doesn't account for the simple fact that all open positions are not equal! Whether your standard contract is 25%, 20%, or even 15%, you are paying too much. This is especially true given the sheer volume of qualified resumes available through internal efforts, employee referral programs and, let’s not forget, the major and niche job boards.

When it comes to engaging staffing firms, engaging a single agency doesn't appear practical, while engaging too many can actually water down your employment brand and ultimately take too much of your time dealing with agency recruiters. Sorry brethren, but I have been on the other side of the desk leading a corporate recruiting function - that is a nightmare! You all sound the same, and in fact, you do absolutely nothing to differentiate yourselves or your service.

Admit it though. Given the opportunity, you would prefer to minimize your involvement in recruiting and leave this business to the experts - especially if YOU could determine the cost you're willing to pay for services. That is precisely our business model. NAME YOUR OWN FEE. When you work with us and our revolutionary engagement model, you pick the price. The concept is so simple that we used it to name our company.

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